As Freemasons we understand our duty to our local magistrates and we are committed to abide by the guidelines offered by our Local Authorities and those of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts. Please visit to keep yourself informed of our Commonwealth's updates, and for up to date info from our Grand Lodge on how we are to govern our work during the pandemic.
No Brother should feel alone during these difficult times. Our Master and Officers are committed to ensuring that the needs of our Brothers are being fulfilled. During a crisis such as this, we are reminded of our oaths to care for one another and our families. If there is anything that Liberty Lodge may be able to do, please take the time to inform us. All calls and emails for relief are confidential to the Officers involved. Do not hesitate, you are not alone, no one ought to be.
Our Grand Master has appointed a Committee to oversee the work during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many of the guidelines being sent from the CDC and State and City/Town Boards of Health, requires that we adapt how we conduct our work in order to keep our Brethren and Communities safe. Please be sure to read up on these guidelines, especially if you perform duties of the Lodge that would require you to be aware.
It is our personal responsibility to do whatever we may to assist our family, friends, and community in overcoming the dangers of this pandemic. If you have any questions concerning the guidelines in our state, please visit's page concerning COVID-19 Updates. If you have any trouble keeping yourself or family safe, please contact the Master and Secretary for assistance.

Liberty Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, P.O. Box 34, Beverly, Massachusetts 01915     |

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